Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG") Policy

The board of directors of AYS Ventures Berhad ("Board") believes that introducing ESG considerations in its business decisions is essential foundation to achieve long term business success besides creating value for all its stakeholders, as well as a strategic approach to support and empower communities, encourage social inclusivity and improve the environments. The balancing of ESG with the interest of stakeholders is essential to enhancing investor perception and public trust that works towards value enhancement for stakeholders in the long run. AYS also believes that as a responsible corporate citizen, one would have an obligation in making the earth a better place to live in through responsible investing, besides weighing on an appropriate risk-return profile for its investments. With this AYS incorporated its principles of sustainability in its ESG policy.

AYS's commitment towards environmental, social and corporate governance issues is strong and hands-on and is also an important step towards a more sustainable society in the long run.

AYS's Environmental and Social Policy, takes serious account of the impact of its operations on the local community and seeks to ensure that potentially harmful occupational health and safety, environmental and social effects are properly assessed, addressed and monitored. AYS's Corporate Governance Policy, focusing on compliance policy, the standing and integrity of AYS's investee companies, their shareholders, board of directors and also their employees.

In this dynamic business world, this ESG policy and practices will be reviewed from time to time so as to ensure its relevance. AYS's objective is to ensure all business conducts adhere to ESG that serve as an ethical foundation to achieve long term business success for AYS.