What We Offer

AYS cultivates a culture where we can create a strong inclusive team where people are driven by the same goals. We strive to create a positive impact towards to economy and the society. We hold our values close to heart and always seek to welcome individuals who relates to our key principles and values.

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Growth opportunities within a successful high performing organisation

As we continue to grow, our employees grow with us too. We recognise the numerous and invaluable talent among us, and ensure they are in their optimum roles at the right time. As a company with a diverse set of employees, we believe that the potential and strength of our employees stretch beyond our boundaries.

Performance-driven culture with competitive rewards

We are driven by results, and recognise and reward high-performing individuals. Our total rewards package is competitive, balanced, and flexible - designed to drive short and long-term performances while simultaneously meeting the requirements of the different levels of employees. At AYS, your contributions and dedication are recognised.

Value-driven and socially responsible

We empower our people to play an active role in building and developing the diverse businesses that we are in. With that comes the responsibility to care and respect our surroundings, the people we interact with daily, and the environment that we share.

Professional Development

Professional Training
Career development unit